Our Just Jesus Experience is quickly approaching this September 12-13! Starting today you can get your Early-Bird discounted registration until July 14th!
Here are just some of the exciting things happening at our Just Jesus Experience:
We have the incredible David Hogan (Freedom Ministries) ministering on both Thursday & Friday Night sessions as well as teaching a Master Class on “Ushering In The Power & Presence Of God” on Friday morning.
And we have and exciting announcement!  Hunter Thompson (Bethel Music) is joining the team to lead worship at both sessions & will be teaching a Worship Master Class on Friday afternoon!

Register here!


Our New Youth Society & Young Adults Society are both going to Water World for a fun day of sun & community! The park opens at 8am and we will be there until it closes at 6PM. Text ‘waterworld’ to 970.474.5019 for more info & to sign up!

Pastor Aaron is hosting a Song Writing Master Class! If you have a passion for song writing or any interest at all in the song writing process you don’t want to miss this night! As you may know, Pastor Aaron is a phenomenal song writer & has written so many of the songs that we sing in our services. He has a wealth of knowledge from writing on 14 albums and 20 years of experience in the art of writing songs.
All are welcome so spread the word and invite anyone in your world who is passionate about songwriting & the creative process!


God wants us connected!! In a world where isolation is rampant and authentic relationships are hard to come by, we want to provide an atmosphere where true authentic relationships can flourish.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way for you to stay connected into church life. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in and make friends. Therefore, we value Groups as a way for you to get planted in church, meet new people and be around like-minded people who will help you grow in your Christian walk, who will inspire you, encourage and challenge you.
Groups can take the form of a weekly mother’s group, a monthly book club, a Bible study group, or a monthly picnic. Whatever you need to suit your time and place in life, we’d like to help you get connected. If you’re at church on a Sunday, please come visit our Info Bar or click here.

Tuesday Night Services

Come join us every Tuesday night for Prayer at 5:30PM and worship at  7 PM!

NoCo Youth Society

Every Wednesday @ 7 PM