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At Citipointe our goal is to create a fun and safe environment for children to experience God’s love and be acquainted with His Spirit. Our Kids ministry offers services on Sundays at 8am, 10am, and 12pm for children ages 6months through 5th grade. We fully train all our volunteers with ready-made teachings and  topics to make it fun and easy to lead. We want to invite you  to be a part of raising a generation to be world changers who will make an impact for good and for God.

More Info:

Kids Services are available during the 8am, 10am and 12pm services.

Citipointe Kids cares for children from 6 month old up to 5th grade.

For the safety of our babies and toddlers, those rooms are limited to a maximum of 10 children. Our room for older children is limited to a maximum of 30.

If your child is old enough, we can assist him or her to the restroom, but we cannot assist them in the restroom. We also cannot change diapers. We will page you on the screens in the main service if your child needs help.

Up through age 5, children will transition to new rooms on their birthday. Once they enter kindergarten, children will transition to new rooms at the beginning of the new school year.

When you arrive, we have kiosks where you can check your children in to Citipointe Kids. You may also check in ahead of time using the Church Center app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

After you check in, you will be given printed stickers with an alphanumeric code. One copy goes on your child’s clothing and you keep the other copy. 

After service, go to your child’s room and the helper will match your sticker with your child.

If you lose your sticker, please have your photo ID ready. We will match your name with your child that way.

When you check your child in, you will be given a printed ticket with an alphanumeric code on it. If your child needs you, your code will be put on the screens at the front of the church.

Yes! We are always excited to have more helpers whether adults or responsible youth. Please click here or click the get involved button to the right for more info.

At Citipointe we are passionate about surrounding new mothers with both pre & post-natal care and support. If you are expecting or have just given birth we’d love for you to fill out the following form (click here) so we can celebrate with you, pray for you, connect with you, and support you in the ways you want. 

Our Birth Department additionally coordinates our Baby & Child Dedications at Citipointe. If you’d like to sign up for an upcoming dedication click here.

The Den is a monthly gathering for kids in grades 1st-5th. The Den is a place for your child to deepen, encounter and nurture their relationship with Jesus!  It is be a place for community with other friends who love Jesus, intimate worship, and encounters with the Father. Click here to see upcoming dates.

Kristan Bliven
Kristan Bliven
Kids Pastor
Melody Alme
Assistant Kids Pastor
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