Forged Men’s | Airsoft Outing

Citipointe NoCo 5656 McWhinney Blvd, Loveland

Forged Men! We are gathering at Blitz Paintball to have some fun playing Airsoft. We would love to invite you to come and hang with us as we battle it out.  This is a first come first serve event, Blitz will supply everything you need. Entry fee is $15, Equipment rental $20, BBs $19. Please […]

Event Series Development

Holy Spirit Baptism Class

Citipointe NoCo 5656 McWhinney Blvd, Loveland

The Holy Spirit baptism class is designed to provide a Biblical foundation to answer questions about WHO the Holy Spirit is and WHAT His role is in the life of every Believer. We learn WHY the baptism in the Holy Spirit is vitally important, HOW we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and what it […]

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